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Windows or Mac? What’s your pleasure? Most computer software falls under these two broad categories. Of course, there is also Linux, and many users are devoted to it, eschewing the other two major operating systems. That doesn’t even mention Chrome OS, Google’s OS from 2009, made for and used on the Chromebook. The Chromebook is a fantastic notebook idea, but leave its OS aside. It isn’t at widely distributed, and is really only in use on the Chromebook. Android is another unique OS, but that is essentially just for phones, so it isn’t worth much discussion here. Most people looking for computer software use either Windows or Mac, and there is smashing new software being released for each of them practically every day. Here is some of the best newly released software for Windows and Mac.

Start with a big name: Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is abbreviated for convenience here as IE. IE was first released in 1995 as Internet Explorer 1. The latest release is Internet Explorer 11, released in 2013 and re-released in 2015. From Microsoft, this is the preeminent browser, distributed on all Windows computers, and also available now for Mac. IE is a favorite of lots of Internet surfers, and the exclusive browser for some, even though there are many alternatives. IE was released in 1995, to be quickly followed by Netscape Navigator and Opera. Both of those are still in release today. Then came Safari for the Mac, Firefox, and Chrome. Those are the big names today, with IE probably being the biggest name of all. Of course, even IE has been somewhat supplanted, by Microsoft’s release of Edge with Windows 10. Most Windows users still prefer IE to Edge, and use of IE in Windows 10 is an option. IE is updated every couple years, and IE 11, the latest release, includes several upgrades over the previous version. Upgrades include redesigned developer tools, support for WedbGL, and enhanced scaling for high resolution screens, along with an enhanced HTML editor. That’s the latest from Microsoft, and many people are loving it. Download IE for free from the Microsoft website.

The Internet today is heavily populated by harmful viruses and malware. Everyone has to be on constant guard against downloading one of these nasty computer invaders. They lay in wait for unsuspecting surfers and can wreck a computer in minutes. The big anti-virus names are widely known, including Norton, McAfee, Avast, and Kaspersky. Some anti-virus programs are available for purchase only, but some are available for free download. Even the paid brands usually offer a free alternative, albeit with limited functionality. Some websites list numeric scores of anti-virus programs, and top marks usually go to Bitdefender, Panda, McAfee, and Norton. Whether you pay or download free, and whether you pick a brand rated 100 out of 100, or only 95 out of 100, be sure that you pick one and use it. Your computer’s life may depend on it. Anti-virus programs are available for both Windows and Mac Do a quick Google search and you’ll find lots of anti-virus programs for download.

Instant messaging is a fun activity that also has various business uses. If you use instant messaging, there are new programs that promise enhancements to the instant messaging function. Miranda is an instant messaging program that is released for Windows versions starting with XP and continuing through 10, in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. It is advertised as being smaller, faster, and easier to use, and it was developed for multiple protocols, including Yahoo, Aim, Jabber, and ICQ. Best of all, Miranda is free. The developers do request donations to enhance development, but get it free if you want to. Download Miranda from There are also lots of instant messengers for Mac. Probably the latest and most popular of the bunch is Adium. Adium is based on Pidgin, but Adium is considered easier to use because it is fully compiled to meet the various protocols used on OS X. Adium is also free! Download from

To write an article on the latest and greatest software available presents a terrible risk of omission. There is so much new software coming out all the time that it’s not really possible to describe it all, or even very much of it all. Most new software is good and useful, even if it comes with a price. These are just a few of the titles that are already proven and are the most in demand.

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