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Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
TOKYO KEIKI SQP2-21-1C2-L-18 Vane Pump Uncoated Straight 80 mm Separable Outer Ring
TOKYO KEIKI SQP3-30-86C2-18 Vane Pump Split Pillow Block Labyrinth Air Handling Round
TOKYO KEIKI SQP3-30-86C2-18 Vane Pump Cast Iron Uncoated 1.656 in 3.9370 in
TOKYO KEIKI SQP41-50-8-86BA-18 Vane Pump 33 63 kN 1.08 129 mm
TOKYO KEIKI SQP S-43-60-38-86DD-LH-18 Vane Pump Sealed Open Cap Click here 400 Stainless Steel Single Lip Contact
TOKYO KEIKI SQP4-60-86-C-18 Vane Pump 18 in Hinged Top Cast Iron 38-1/2 in
TOKYO KEIKI SQP3-35-86-C-18 Vane Pump 1.8740 in GR RS, GR RSS, GR S, 0002564000 0.0600 in
TOKYO KEIKI SQP2-19-86-C-18 Vane Pump 5782 lb -20 to +220 &de Steel Round
TOKYO KEIKI SQP1-14-86-C-15 Vane Pump Single Row Non-Fill 7300 N Round Maximum of +120